Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painting: Grey to Colour

Final Paintings: 
 Progress Work:

Character Design: Character Posing

Had a lot of fun with him :D

Animation: S&C Curve

Animations that stress the principles of S&C curves and drag and snap.

Waving Line:
Book Page Flip:
Marine Animal:

I named the jelly fish "Jello Fosh" :D

Life Drawing: Hands and Feet

My hands and feet portfolio :)

Painting: Form Rendering

First time doing gouache paintings! (miss water colouring)
It was really hard to paint because the paint dries up really fast... but it was fun :D

Layout: Staging & Posing

The location takes place at a library in a mansion. The girl's name is Carol and she comes to this room to read whenever she has time. 

Digital Tool: Title Page

The title page that I will be using in my demo reel later on c:

Digital Tool: Flipbook

 An animation done on Flipbook :>

Character Design: Character Rotation

he looks like a monkey :D

Animation: Balls

Let the spamming begin...
these are obviously done way before... just late at posting them "orz

The followings are my first animations :D

Rubber Ball:
Bowling Ball: